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Topic: Organization Analysis Question/Prompt: For this assignment, you will choose 1 group, organization, etc. that is actively involved in engaging the culture. Possible groups include (but are not limited to): Heritage Foundation Patriot Academy Leadership Institute Liberty Counsel Live Action State specific organization such as the Texas Public Policy Foundation The goal is to explain and analyze what the organization is doing to impact the culture. You can focus on the strengths and accomplishments of the group, or you could focus on its weaknesses and suggest ways the group could be more effective. Cite your information where necessary. NOTE: MORE THAN ONE ANSWER POSTED CHOOSE ANY
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The Leadership Institute is a non-profit that teaches political technology, of all ages. Leadership Institute was found in 1979 by Morton, C Blackwell. This institute “strives to produce a new generation of public policy leaders unwavering in their commitment to free enterprise, limited government strong national defense, and traditional values”. You will have life skills, learn how to work with others, and have a sense of purpose. Leadership is showing people how to succeed. Leadership offers a wide range of programs and that helps give the people different options to have. They want each person who is going to the campus to take everything that they learned with them. You will have 47 programs different programs to pick from before you start.


The impact that the campus has on the culture is incredible because they are focus on helping every person that attends. In 2015, “1,072 conservatives attended 41-trainings the most students trained at a Youth Leadership School in a single year”. This was a big accomplishment for the Institute. “The Institute is growing each day “campus network has grown to more than 1,700 conservative campus groups and newspapers”. Another good thing is that Leadership provides grants for anyone who is a speaker, activism, and publication. Leadership “hosts session across the country where they train freedom fighters to learn how to defeat the radical left”. From all the good things that I have read about the Institute it seems like an amazing place, they have so much to offer to everyone.

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After briefly looking over some of the organizations, I chose to write my post about Patriot Academy. I found this organization to be quite interesting and can relate to what they stand for. Patriot Academy started as an idea by Rick Green, a Texas man sworn into the House of Representatives in 1999. He wanted to restore the the foundations of freedom and Biblical values this country was built on. In 2000, he and some friends and colleagues started The Torch of Freedom Foundation, and the first Patriot Academy was held in 2003 as a result. The vision of Patriot Academy is very clear on it's mission;

     "To equip a new generation of leaders to champion the cause of freedom and truth in government, media, entertainment and education, as we bring our nation back to the principles on which we were founded" (

  It focuses on building on philosophy/principles, process, and personal skills. I believe this is a great cause and serves a good purpose in American culture, since it is seeking to bring back the freedoms and truths in the Constitution and Declar