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Project Assignment (Two Parts):

The Written Report

For the written report, review Google's values and mission. Provide your assessment of whether the company's overall operations and strategy are aligned to support those values and achieve the mission.


Describe Google's approach to creating a sustainable competitive advantage and evaluate the effectiveness of the approach.


Describe Google's efforts in corporate strategy (that is, vertical integration, globalization, and diversification) and evaluate the effectiveness of the efforts.


Provide recommendations on how Google's resources can be better aligned and leveraged to create capabilities that drive a sustainable competitive advantage.


Provide recommendations for realignment of organizational structure and management systems that facilitate your proposed realignment and leveraging of resources.


Provide any additional recommendations regarding needed changes to Google's approach to competitive advantage and corporate strategy.


Use APA (6th ed.) style citations and references. Include at least two graphs or charts in an appendix, and format your plan as a formal report addressed to Terry Bell, VP of Strategy, Google, Inc.









Oral PowerPoint Presentation

You will also distill your report into a 10–15 minute presentation for the Google, Inc. board. You may choose to include talking points in the slides' notes field if you like, but your voice-over for the presentation will be evaluated for the message, not the notes. Your presentation needs to include key points from your written report so that someone who has not read the report will receive the same core message that you presented to Terry Bell. Your goal is to convince decision makers that you have developed a strategic plan based on solid and thorough research that will assist Google, Inc. in achieving its mission.

-      At least 10 slides with good points, graphs, charts, etc.


-      Provide me with note cards of what to say with each slide, must be at least 12 minutes long.

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