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Childrens Hospital-Goals, Objective, vision, and Mission

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Select a healthcare organization in the state you live (you may use the one you work for) and identify the organization’s mission, vision, value statements, goals and objectives are for 2014.  Write your paper and define these items. End with a conclusion to include your overall interpretation and opinion. Don't forget you still need a reference page since you are taking the information from somewhere/one. If you currently are not working, you may select another organization.

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Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Mission, Vision & Values

A good mission statement encapsulates its business plan, and going through the creative process can be as beneficial as the finished mission statement (Laidlaw, 2013).  Children's Hospital of Michigan mission statement states that it will improve the health and well-being of all children and their communities by advancing the science and practice of pediatric health care and through advocacy efforts (Detroit Medical Center, 2014). The vision includes the mission. The vision of an organization is a statement about where the leadership sees the organization going in a designated period of time (Dunn, 2010).  Children's Hospital of Michigan will fulfill its mission by being an outstanding provider of child health services within the Detroit area and throughout Michigan to patients around the region, nation and globe. They promise to establish a national, regional and statewide child health system, promote a family-centered system of care and prevention, engage in the generation of new knowledge relevant to child health and well-being, educate physicians and other health professionals in the provision of care to children, and advocate for programs which will benefit children, families and communities. The values at Children’s Hospital include accountability, compassion, excellence, innovation, integrity, partnership, respect, and unselfishness (Detroit Medical Center, 2014).

Goals and Objectives


One goal at Children’s Hospital is to develop competency in assessment. The objective

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