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Write a brief essay (suggested length of 2 pages) on one of the following issues:

•  Childhood Inoculations: Would you inoculate your child as per the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations?

•  Global Warming: Is it a scientific fact that needs to be addressed or a myth about which nothing needs to be done?


A.  Describe your chosen issue.


B.  Describe two different viewpoints.


C.  Explain your viewpoint.


D.  Justify your viewpoint using evidence.


E.  Explain how your knowledge of science helped you form this view. Cite at least three specific examples to support your explanation.

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Global Warming

Global warming is a controversial issue on the minds of many people in present times.  There are many concerning questions dealing with global warming that need to be answered.  What exactly is global warming?  Should the world’s population be concerned?  Can global warming be eliminated?  These are just a few of the questions that are currently being debated.  Scientists, meteorologists and geographers study climate changes all around the world every day.  They determine average temperatures for different regions, countries and continents to compare to past temperatures and make future predictions.  Records of average temperatures over the years have shown a worldwide increase.  This increase in temperature has been rising at a level that has become concerning to many scientists. 

Global warming refers to a rise in the average atmospheric temperature of the earth, which in turn causes significant climate changes.  It is said that the cause for global warming is the result of the greenhouse effect.  One of the known causes of the increase in temperature worldwide is due to the production of greenhouse gases.  Greenhouse gases absorb heat and keep in the atmosphere.  Commonly known natural gases consist of water vapor, carbon dioxid