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Global Crimes Analysis



      This paper will identify the numerous criminal issues in question and the global impact on the national and international justice system and the process that effects all of us.   In this paper it will examine global crimes that are going on in the world as well as how international and national countries justice system is used in handling the crimes. With the increase of crimes worldwide it has an effect on the national and international justice system.


        When looking at all the criminal problems that we face globally they have extreme impacted on the justice system worldwide. Some of the crimes that we are most familiar with that are global are: cyber-crime, drug trafficking, terrorism, extortion, human trafficking, gun smuggling, fraud, money-laundering, these are just some there are countless more that effect the justice system globally.


       One of the most well-known crimes that have a global impact on the world is the drug trade. The international drug trade is estimated to be multi-billion dollar industry that affects multiple countries.