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A change that I would like to see and believe will have an impact on the future of health care is the implementation of a true electronic medical record (EMR). Reason that we need a EMR are that it is available 24 hours, 365 days a year, the record can be viewed by multiple care providers at the same time and it is available from any location with appropriate access. Unlike the paper record you can almost always find the record and the record it is always legible. With communication being an issue in health care the EMR provides enhanced communication between health care providers. Currently there is very good communication between my primary care physician and nay specialist that he refers me to but that is not the case with all referrals with EMR the specialist can write in the EMR and the primary care physician will have access to the information almost immediately. Messages can be passed between health care providers and will be kept permanently on the patient record. An EMR will also assist with managing prescription history thereby preventing medication errors and duplication of written prescription. The EMR will contain all lab test and radiological studies thereby preventing duplication of services when patient move between health care providers. The EMR will be of even more valuable if decision support is part of the EMR installation. Alerts in decision support will aide health care providers with better patient management. Decision support will provi