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To deliver the improved processes and throughput, meeting leading practice benchmarks for ambulatory care (i.e., on-time starts, “behind time,” appointment and telephone access, time spent with patients); and to utilize this exceptional care experience to provide the foundation for delivery system growth to achieve the goal of 1,000,000 ambulatory patient “touches” by 2012, a 23 percent increase in outpatient volume.


•Patient “touches”

•Behind time

•On-time starts

•Appointment access

•Telephone access


In the context of developing a strategic plan for Ambulatory Care was identified as a key driver in meeting strategic objectives: future system growth, patient loyalty, and quality care delivery. A comprehensive strategy and operational assessment and program planning project followed that identified opportunities and challenges/imperatives, creating a prioritized framework for implementation. Using “lean” methodology, multiple improvement initiatives were then planned and interventions introduced.

 Changes included:

•Collected extensive baseline practice process measurements, interviews, and case/chart reviews to identify opportunities for process improvements and gaps compared with leading practices — a “deep data