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Analyze the technology involved in connecting hotels with potential guests and determine a key cause of inefficiency. Make at least one recommendation for addressing the inefficiency you identified.

Product distribution is a critically important function of International hotels. Information technologies, such as computerized reservations systems and video brochures, assist hotels in marketing and distributing their bed-nights. For hotels, the employment of information technologies to link together their front-office, back-office and off and beverage departments may be necessary for the efficient and cost-effective delivery of their services. If not well managed this is a big inefficiency to the business.

Reservations are a key to the sale of hotel bed-nights. Reservation systems, depending on the software and sophistication, contain information and generate various reports on room’s availability, cancellations, etc. In addition, the database can generate forecasts on expected arrivals, departures and rooms sold. Information contained in, and generated by, hotel reservation systems is an invaluable source of marketing information and can generate mailing lists, client profiles and preferences. It can also monitor hotel performance through the development and processing of guest questionnaires. Reservation systems also allow hotels to carry out travel-agency and tour-operator analyses in order to determine which agencies and operators consistently g