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GEO 215 Week 3 Physical Landscapes and Climate Report The Bureau of Land Management wants you to present a plan for a self-contained city. The population is 1,000. Your job is to locate the site and provide a map, a physical description of the land, an analysis of how the climate has shaped the land up to this point, and a projection of how the physical land may change in the coming year due to climatic effects. Collaborate as a team to select a real location using an online map resources site such as Google Maps™. Create a report of 1,050- to 1,400- words that includes the following: A screen shot of a map of the area chosen The latitude and longitude of the location A description of the physical attributes Brief analysis of how climate has shaped the area Prediction of how climate may change the area over the next year Format your report consistent with APA guidelines. GEO215 GEO/215 Week 3 Physical Landscapes and Climate Report
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