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GEO/215 GEO 215 GEO215 Week 4 Landscapes and Resources Memo (***** 850 Words + Original + APA Format *****) During an investigation of the rise in temperature in UrCity, you have learned several critical things: • The agricultural areas are being forced further out into the desert basin due to suburb expansion. • There is an increase in demands on fertile lands. • There is a decreasing water supply, which may be caused by the rise in UrCity’s temperatures and changing weather patterns. • Certain animals are becoming harder to find. The urban planning department has asked you to prepare a report. (****** Write an internal memo of 700- to1,050- words that addresses the following: • Describe the various types of agriculture while discussing your theory on how climate, agricultural practices, and competing land uses have contributed to the current situation. • Analyze the relationships between agriculture, climate, and biological landscapes. • Offer a proposal suggesting how to limit the effects of land competition on resources such as food and industry. Format your memo consistent with APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
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