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Role of gender in education

Usually gender and education combination is considered complex because of the uneven development and wide deviation in the education system around the globe. Statistics from EU shows that girls have higher rate of secondary level education i.e. up to graduation, whereas advanced studies is the only sector where men are dominant (OECD, 2009). Even girls are dominant in the insides of education i.e. boys usually do not perform well at reading and retaining hence their achievement rate is lower than girls. Girls are usually not good at numbers and boys excel in mathematics and other related subjects, but this gap in numbers or math for boys and girls is smaller than that of reading. Results from recent studies show that girls are now overcoming boys in many fields of formal education and the performance gap with boys’ dominancy is squeezing (Smyth, 2007).

Julia T. Wood highlights, in her book Gendered Lives: Communication, Gender, and Culture, some of the key aspects of gender on education. She says that females have more inclination towards attending college, and women constitute 58% of the total student body in four year degree programs. Even the women in minorities are almost twice as likely to earn a college degree. Even the boys in schools, are discouraged to do such things as care for others considering it as feminine acts. Gap exist between the leisure activities of students in free time as well, where girls prefer more to spend time studying or reading some kind of material, whereas boys prefer spending time with their friends or peers.

It is considered as general stereotype that boys are sharper than girls in terms of brain and it gives them an edge over girls in fields of math and science. However, recent studies show that females have been earning more of their degrees in math and doctorates. Whereas males are encouraged to pursue their career in these fields and females are expected to grow in the field of business or humanitarian subjects where people interaction is more.

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