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Assignment one 1. Review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CP1oBwccARY (Links to an external site.) This next link will also provide information on new innovations in 3D technology: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/biz-monday/article22715925.html (Links to an external site.) 2. Research recent developments using 3D technology and summarize your findings. Share the link to your research (video, article, etc.) 3. Discuss what impact on productivity and/or quality you think this 3D usage provides Assignment two House of quality Review sections 6-1 Designing Goods and Services and 6-2 Customer-Focused Design in your textbook. For this assignment we will concentrate on the voice of the customer. As your textbook notes, the design of a good or service should reflect customer wants and needs otherwise known as customer requirements. Customer requirements, as expressed in the customer’s own words, are called the voice of the customer. Also review Exhibit 6.2 on page 114 and the insert Using the House of Quality: Building a Better Pizza on page 115. Referring to Problem 1 on page 129: (the House of Quality matrix has been provided to you) 1. Rate the interrelationships using the following notation: 1 = weak relationship; 2 = moderate relationship; 3 = strong relationship 2. Explain your reasoning for each rating 3. Recommend at least one other technical requirement that should be included to better address the voice of the customer I have filled in one example to get you started and identified the relationship and reason. Please fill in boxes with a rating that you have identified have a relationship. Below the matrix, identify each relationship and provide a reason for your rating. Not every combination necessarily has a relationship, so you may find you leave some boxes empty. The emphasis is to identify the most significant relationships. However, at a minimum, you should identify at least 5 relationships. Baking Temperature Baking Time Type of chocolate Proportion of chocolate Size Shape Thickness Batch size Preservatives Soft 3 Fresh Bittersweet Not burned Large size Moderate price Lots of chocolate Example: 1. Soft/Baking Temperature has a strong relationship because softness would be affected by the baking temperature
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