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Coca-Cola is a leader when food and beverages are concerned. With a company as old as Coca-Cola it becomes extremely important to have a strong ethical code of conduct as one mistake and there would be billion fingers pointing at you. Coca-Cola supplies beverages to almost all the parts of the world. The company has evolved over the years and the products have increased with the expansion of the company and the rise in demands. Though, the company has expanded over the years but the heart of the company still remains the same and the company focuses mainly on beverages only. The popular products by the company include Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Kinley, Fanta and many more. The main feature of Coca-Colas success is the way the company adapts to the new culture. It can easily be judged from the way the company changes the products according to the nation. A strong code of ethical conduct helps Coca-Cola control its operations. 

There are many key points you notice when you look at the ethical code of conduct for Coca-Cola. All the managers at Coca-Cola are required to promote ethical and appropriate conduct at all the times by the employees under their jurisdiction. 

1. One of the issues I saw was with the ethical rule that prevented Coca Cola from make comparisons with the competitors in order to gain market and attention from the customers. Though most of us want to be right in ever