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Q1. Why is Amazon's cash cycle so much shorter than that of competitor Barnes & Noble? How does this comparison affect financial management decisions of other retailers?

Q2. How does Boeing achieve a cash cycle of negative 100 days?

Q3. Define the following terms as they apply to our work in FIN ten words or less: structure  2.working capital  3.assets  4.liabilities  5.retained earnings  6.liquidity  7.leverage  8.Sarbanes-Oxley  9.GAAP value versus book value  11.depreciation  12.straight-line versus accelerated depreciation  13.solvency  14.profitability  15. pv  16.fv  17.PVA  18.FVA  19.simple interest  20.compound interest rate  22.Rule of 72  23.annuity  24.required return formula  25.NPV  26.NPV decision rule  27.payback  28.IRR  29.formula for cost of equity  30.formula for cost of debt  31.WACC facility  33.venture capital  34.operating cycle  35.inventory period  36.accounts receivable period cycle  38.profit margin  39.ROE  40. Debt/equity ratio.



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