FIN 571 Complete Course A+ Work Week 1 to 6 - 21378

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Week One: Foundations of Finance


·         Discuss the 12 principles of foundational corporate financial management.

·         Compare and contrast accounting net income and cash flows.

·         Compare and contrast the market value of an asset or liability with the book value.

·         Identify various financial applications of time value of money.

·         Explain cultural impact on components of time value of money.


Week Two: Business Valuation


·         Use valuation techniques to determine the intrinsic value of debt and equity instruments.

·         Analyze how markets adjust for risk.

·         Apply the Capital-Asset-Pricing Model to calculate a business’s required return.


Week Three: Cross-Border Working Capital Management


·         Describe the cash conversion cycle and its importance to working capital management.

·         Identify sources and uses of short-term financing.

·         Evaluate how the business policies of a firm affect accounts receivable and inventories.

·         Evaluate multinational cash management strategies.


Week Four: Capital Budgets


·         Calculate the cost of capital.

·         Apply techniques used in capital budgeting decisions.

·         Analyze a capital project’s present value based on expected future net cash flows.

·         Analyze risks associated with international investment decisions.


Week Five: Long-Term Financing Options for Multinational Firms


·         Outline a method for managing capital structure.

·         Evaluate the effect of dividend policy on stock price.

·         Compare and contrast leasing with debt or equity finance.

·         Describe the characteristics of international debt and equity instruments.


Week Six: International Financial Planning


·         Analyze the effect of price setting on capital budgeting.

·         Explain the methods, pitfalls, and benefits of capital rationing.

·         Create a financial plan for an international organization.


·         Discuss foreign direct investment.

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