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FIN 380 Nonprofit Organization Analysis - ruth reusable resources

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Ruth’s Reusable Resources is a non-profit organization, with an aim of ensuring that students in Maine have the basis tools for learning. They achieve this purpose by transferring surplus supplies of businesses to class rooms and students. This organization is run by Ruth, who followed her vision of improving her community and hence created an organization which is beneficial for the students, teachers as well as businesses that donate their surplus supplies. She started off without money and faced challenging times. However, with sincere hope of improving the community and great determination, Ruth accomplished her mission. This would not have been possible without her staff’s support.  

The mission statement of the organization is, “The organization’s primary exempt purpose is to provide supplies and materials to schools and nonprofits” (Guide star, 2011). The main sources of revenue are contributions and investments. The contributions comprise of used as well as new donations of paper, furniture, manufacturing castoffs, books, office supplies, cloth, computers and crafts. With frozen budgets and tight cash flows for everybody, it’s normally difficult for students to afford school supplies required for participating in class. Even in this hi-tech world, essential materials like basic pencil or paper are still needed in a classroom. Ruth’s provide the students with such basic needs and help to reduce financial burden of their parents who have tight budgets.

The Ruth's Reusable Resources program involves providing a range of materials to be used in classrooms such as pencils, erasers, various supplies for creative expression, filing trays, games, posters, chairs, paper, filing cabinets, desk trays, books, tables. Therefore, Ruth’s also provides materials for teacher’s use. Moreover, it can be used as teaching tool. With Ruth’s association classes also learn about reducing, reusing and recycling. There is an opportunity for the children to do projects for this nonprofit organization. When they are in senior grades, they can act as volunteers at Ruth’s.