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FIN 324 Week 1 Ethics Article Review

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With the passage of time business ethics has become an integral part of our society as well as for organizations. After the corporate scandals that hit the world which included the companies such as Tyco and Enron International, the organizations have increased their focus on the ethical trainings of their employees and are putting in more effort by pursuing the employees to follow the prescribed ethical procedures more often. The purpose of this assignment is to give an overview of an article related to accounting and ethics in it. The articles will also be related to the given readings. Moreover, I will relate the concepts in the article with an organization and give recommendations in improving the culture of the organization. At the end I will give a brief overview about ethics and its importance in financial and accounts.

It's a matter of integrity - Professional Ethics; accounting by William L. Schreiber is the article which I have selected. The article emphasizes on the fact that inappropriate practices and frauds cannot be resolved by ethics only. In this matter an important role is played by indiv