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Directions: 1. Select a family structure that interests you. 2. Use the questions outlined in this overview to initiate a conversation with the family. You do not need to answer all the questions. Your objective is to understand the family dynamics surrounding the focus of your interview. At the end of the interview you should be able to not only describe the individuals experience with the situation for which you are interviewing them but also describe the family functioning around said context. 3. Using the information obtained in the interview and the theories we have covered in class, write a paper describing family functioning. This paper should be written in the language of family science (i.e. boundaries, roles, rules, function, structure, etc.). Paper: The assignments will be submitted on Blackboard and will be due at the time class begins on the date due and no later. Late assignments will be docked 5 percent per day late (submission after 2:00pm will be considered late and 5% will be lost). Plagiarized assignments will be given a zero. The body of your paper should be a maximum 5 pages (not including coversheet, references, etc.), doubled spaced. Follow APA guidelines in your paper when appropriate (see tutorials about writing for instructions on APA format). This means include a cover sheet, references if needed, heading style, font size and type, margins, paper structure, etc. Grades will be based on the following criteria: Clarity of writing (10 pts possible) • Clear presentation of information about the family. • The content of the paper should flow throughout. • Outline the “story” you want to tell and avoid tangential information. • Read your paper aloud for flow and clarity. Clarity of Discussion about Family dynamics (40 points) • I will be looking for your level of thought about the information discussed during your interview. To see if you have processed the interaction beyond the words spoken and tried to understand the family dynamics behind the contextual information. This is the key to getting a good grade. • Your paper should focus on the function and process within the family not the structure or content of their situation. • Don’t tell me about the family’s story. Tell me about how the family works! This means include very little descriptive information (their story) about the family (1/2 page max): age, marital status, education, family members, and job, family history, personal stories, etc. Do not use real names!
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