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In the essay, you first write a section in which you analyze your face-to-face and online communication skills. Second, you identify from the following list two additional skills that you wish to improve:

  • Writing skills
  • Academic integrity skills
  • Social networking skills
  • Time management skills
  • Library skills
  • Technology/computer skills

write about three skills total: communication skills and two others that you choose from the list above.

For each skill, including communication skills, you:

  • Explain why the skill is important to you for personal and academic settings
  • Identify which upcoming courses in your degree program will best help you improve the skill
  • Identify one or two Walden services you will use to help you improve the skill
  • Identify at least one person in your personal network who will help you improve the skill

To prepare for the Final Project: 

  • Write with academic integrity.
  • Demonstrate the academic communication skills you have learned in this course, such as citing sources and attempting to do so in proper APA style.
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