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Extra Credit Questions!!


Management 303                  Extra Credit                          Philemon


In order to earn full points, all three questions need to be responded to elaborately and carefully.  In addition, a reference page in APA format should be in order (5pts).


1.      Throughout this discussion we have been discussing how managers influence and manage the organization's internal environment. To manage efficiently and effectively, managers also must be aware of what is going on in the organization's external environment. Chapter Three discusses an organization's external environment. How can the dimensions within the two parts (task and general) of the external environment influence the manager's roles that we have been discussing? (15 pts)


2.      Discuss how the path-goal theory of leadership and the expectancy theory of motivation are related. (TCO8) (15pts)



3.      Assume that you are the manager of an organization that has a routine way of performing a task and now faces a major change in how it performs that task. Using Lewin’s model, tell what steps you would take to implement the change. Using the comprehensive approach, tell what steps you would take. For each step, give specific examples of actions you would take at that step. (TCO5) (15pts).

Approx { 160 Words each  } + once sold in SOF got an A+. Use it as a Guide

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Events in the external environ

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