Examine the published ISO/IEC 27005 series of standards for security management. - 89270

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Project 3 -- Security Auditing and Standards -- ISO/IEC 27000 series Examine the published ISO/IEC 27000 series of standards for security management. A good starting point for this is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO/IEC_27000-series although there is a great deal of information regarding ISO-27K on the Web. (Hint, search on specific standards for more detailed information.) Prepare a paper in which you describe ISO 27005. Explain the intent of each standard and how it might be applied or used in a mid-sized organization. Summarize the important points of that standard and what security managers can do to apply the standard in their organization. Your paper will be in the form of a Word document. A section (with heading) for each of standards 27005. Within each of these sections there should be the following subsections: · Description of standard -- i.e., what does it cover? · Intent of standard – i.e., how does it address what it intends to cover.? · How would this standard be applied in a mid-sized organization. NOTE: The ISO-27000 standards are a commercial product. You cannot simply find them online. However there is enough information about them online to adequately complete this project. HINT – start by looking at the 456 resources web page
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