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evolution of health care information systems

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Evolution of Health Care Information Systems

HCS 533


Evolution of Health Care Information Systems


In an ever changing health care landscape, health care information systems or HCIS have evolved in the past 20 years from paper based, simple organizational specific operations to large systemic operations with variable complexity.  One operational component experiencing significant change is documentation and health record management. Health care records have seen significant transformations with the implementation of electronic medical records or EMRs and electronic health records or EHR. These significant changes are evident when contemporary health care facilities are compared to health care facilities of 20 years ago.


                                                            Comparison and contrast


The 1990s brought public access to the Internet, Medicare reimbursement changes, and health care computer systems were Vendor supplied (Tuttle, 1997). In the 1990s information systems lacked integration and provided difficulty in record access resulting in inefficiencies, illegibility of handwritten documents, lost paper records, and possible duplication of services (Ginsburg, 2012). Duplication of services resulted in increased revenue for providers. Efforts at cost containment resulted in managed care, and increased scrutiny on providers, often requiring some forms of electronic transmissions and rapid access to records.  As EMRs often became cost prohibitive, mergers formed as providers attempted to share information systems and resources (Ginsburg, 2012).  Integrated informat

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