Ethics and Diveristy in Police conduct DQ - 22780

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  1. Based upon the readings for this course and your personal experiences, can codes of ethics or conduct, or oaths of office change a person of bad character into a person who routinely engages in ethical conduct? Why or why not?
  2. What is the purpose of the ethics toolkit provided by the International Association of Chiefs of Police? What does the section on Standards of Conduct contribute to the toolkit?
  3. Discuss some of the excuses offered by police officers for failing to act in ethical fashion. Do these excuses make sense to you? Do they make unethical conduct acceptable? Why or why not?
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     While police officers are trained on the ethical requirements of being placed in a position of authority the type of ethical behavior that will be displayed by the police officer depends on the morals and the values of the individual police officer and the culture of the law enforcement agency. If the