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Ethical Self-Assessment

Organizations have to make decisions on a regular basis.  In the health care field it is no different.  These decisions can arise at any time of day that is related to patients care, experience, or when the patient is unaware.  With trends in health care, laws, and ethics it is very important that health professionals and administrators maintain a standard of professionalism.  This self-assessment that I took reflected on ethical decision making.  I will discuss how the ACHE standards affect my decision making.  I will also discuss how my ethics influence my decision making and use new strategies to improve in my ethical decision-making.

The tool that was used to reference my ethical standing on several grounds.  This tool is from the American College of Health Care Executive or ACHE.  It is used for anyone to reference and see how he or she rate his or herself with ethical decisions in daily work life.  This Ethical Self-Assessment can assist those just starting out in the health care field or those who have been in the field for 30 years.  It is used so a person can look into oneself and see his or her ethical issues.

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