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Working as a patient care associate for two years in a hospital, I’ve experienced and seen a lot of personal things that people go through. Unfortunately, ethical dilemmas occur often in the medical field and for many types of reasons, mainly because we’re dealing with people’s lives, decisions of life and death, etc. Medical care encompasses encounters that happen on an individual basis. It’s extremely hard to look at one care and relate it to another in terms of ethics because each situation has its unique circumstances, situations, all while involving a patient family centered model of care that must abide by certain laws and ethical standards. The whole entirety of ethics in medical care can become increasingly convoluted for one specific circumstance, however, it’s important to treat each one as an individual. One example of an ethical dilemma I recently experienced at work was a patient being denied pain medication while complaining of increasing during her hospital stay. For confidentiality purposes, the patient identification used in this essay will be initials, J.N.

J.N. was a 66-year-old female admitted to the hospital for sleep deprivation for five days and experiencing hallucinations. Her medical history was extensive, recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure, significant & extensive end-stage chronic kidney disease, and had diabetes mellitus type II. J.N. had no significant past psychiatric medical history besides ep