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Present the following scenario:

You are a police officer who has just graduated from the
academy and have been assigned to work patrol. As a new officer within the
department you witness a veteran officer accepting inappropriate gifts from
community members and local businesses, which is in violation of the department
policy and a violation of the ethical code of conduct. The officer is
well-respected, popular, and politically connected within the department.


Note: The department has an Office of Professional Standards
(OPS) (Internal Affairs Office) and a policy describing how complaints can be
initiated. Harassment and corruption complaints can be made to or forwarded
directly to OPS.



Write a 700-1050- paper in which you specify the appropriate
steps you would take in this situation. properly reporting the officer to
supervising officers/commanders. Address the following questions.


- What
measures would you take?


- What are the professional implications?


- What are
the liability issues involved with not reporting the officer?


- What
supervisory issues does this situation present to management and leadership?


- Why are
ethics so important in the law enforcement profession?

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