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A Different Approach to Ethical Decision Making Original Approach In assignment three, I chose an ethical situation and read all of the different approaches to determine the best approach for my personal situation. The situation described an example of a student in a past course that had submitted a paper for peer review into a discussion forum and after reading the student’s paper, I realized the student had plagiarized my paper word for word from my own. I used the Utilitarianism approach in this situation to determine how I would handle this situation. Utilitarianism approach determines that there are consequences of the behavior are for the greater good. Although, I do not know what the consequences were for that student, I believe my decision was ethical and that I did the right thing. In this case, the student’s behavior is an unethical act and if I had not made the decision to do the right thing by contacting the professor to report the unethical behavior, it could have been perceived that I had plagiarized. Plagiarizing affects all students, the pe