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Eth/316 Week 3 Assignment: Organizational Issues

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The short film that was viewed was The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Birds barbershop. A little back-story on the film, the co-founders of the company; Jason Rapaport and Michael Portman each started out in other businesses and thought they needed to make a change in their own lives because of the jobs they held. They both felt like they needed to take the business out of their newly formed business. They wanted to bring back the small town barbershop to their hometown of Austin, Texas.

The issues in the film that are the most important are; keeping the small business small while trying to expand in the process. Both Jason and Michael wanted to keep the relaxed atmosphere in their business while trying to expand at the same time. The hardest problem was to become a corporation without becoming a corporation. They like the small town feel of the business and wanted to keep this feeling to make the creative employees feeling empowered to be