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Thesis: Conditional Dream of Hope given by Angel

In William Blake's, "The Chimney Sweeper", this ballad is told by a smokestack clear who recounts a more youthful range that is sold into subjection by his father, after his mother bites the dust. The principle topic of the lyric is that of the loss of honesty of these youngsters, who are portrayed in the ballad under savage and injurious treatment in the 1800's. With their purity stolen by their guardians and their holders, these youngsters were constrained into restricted regions loaded with brush networks, and messy dirty conditions, where their lives were relinquished to their life of cleaning these fireplaces, of which they passed on of adolescent ages. The storyteller recounts the adolescent Tom Dacre's fantasy of the main way out of this life of hopelessness, demise. In the first stanza we see Blake setting the stage with the family's history, the mother coloring uncove

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