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a. A piano manufacturer wants to track all pianos it makes. Each piano has a unique serial number and a manufacturing completion date. Each instrument represents exactly one piano model, all of which have an identification number and model. The company produces thousands of pianos of a certain model, and the design is specified before any single piano exists.


b. A vendor builds multiple types of tablet computers. Each has a type identification number and a name. The key specifications for each type include amount of storage and display type. The company uses multiple processor types, exactly one of which is used for a specific tablet type. The same processor can be used in multiple types of tablets. Each processor has a manufacturer and a manufacturer's unique code that identifies it.


Perform the following tasks for both of the above:

1. Identify and list the entities and attributes for each of these applications.

2. Express the relationships between all entities for each application using relationship sentence pairs.

3. Draw an ERD for each application using Visio or other drawing too.

Submit all items, in order, and with each step labeled clearly, for both applications in a single Word 

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