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The 14th Amendment offers equal protection under the law to all citizens but there are some issues in society where this fundamental right has been questioned. One classification that should be examined based on the 14th Amendment is gay marriage. Marriage is a civil and religious institution where couples that are married receive one hundred percent benefits from the government. All citizens have the right to this legal benefit. Classifications that should be examined are the ones that fail to offer every citizen the same benefits and the same rights. When there are laws that only support some people in society but deny equal protection to others, such as the right to be marriage to a person of the same sex, this issue should be examined by the Supreme Court. Another classification that should be reviewed by the Supreme Court is assisted suicide. The Supreme Court has ruled in Vacco v. Quill and Washington v. Glucksberg assisted suicide is not a protected liberty but whether or not a person wants to continue to pursue life is the greatest possible liberty (US Legal, 2014). People capable of killing themselves are not prevented so the person dying in horrible pain should have the same right.

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