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Environmental Sustainability Paper Many people know the state of Georgia as the carpet capitol of the world. Georgia not only produces carpeting, wood, and tile flooring; the peach state produces Ceramic Flooring as well. Ceramic flooring is created from clay which is found commonly in the state of Georgia. The state of Georgia is among the highest clay producing states in the United States, the main form of clay produced is kaolin. The creation of ceramic tiles is a three step process that has not varied much over the course of ceramic creation. Before the technology that is available today was available, ceramic tiles were made by hand. The clay was moistened and then shaped either by hand or with a wooden mold and then would be dried either by the sun or fired in a kiln (World Floor Covering Association, 2012). Today ceramic tiles are made basically the same way. The tiles start off as a moist clump of clay and trace amounts of sand, feldspar, quartz, and water. These ingredients are ground in a ball mill to create a body slip, which differentiates the main tile from what will eventually be the glaze (World Floor Covering Association, 2012). The tile is them dried in a dryer at which time the body slip becomes dust which is then pressed into a predetermined size and shape calle

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