English Composition II Discussion Question 2 - 22703

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This activity allows you to focus on working with quotations and using them in your writing. Quoting from “Death by Landscape,” please write the following for your Discussion Forum activity:

·         A sentence with a quotation from “Death by Landscape” blended into it.

·         A sentence that uses ellipses to show omission of words from a quotation (again, from “Death by Landscape”).

·         Please write a sentence that uses square brackets to enclose words added to quotations

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A sentence with a quotation from the Death by Landscape is "I said you'd have to be nuts." In this sentence Lois is describing what she said to the police, Cappie, and her parents when she repeated a conversation she had with Lucy about jumping into the water from the top of the cliff. When Lucy suggested the jump could be made the quote was Lois’s follow up response.