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Unit 7 essay: 
The Debate Overs Slavery

In the 1820s, 1830, and 1840s, the Second Great Awakening helped to inspire a reformist impulse across the nation. One of those movements centered on an effort to abolish slavery in the United States; of course, the desire to eliminate slavery did not go unchallenged. In this activity, you will examine the views of antislavery (abolitionist) and proslavery writers in the antebellum years. This essay will help you better understand a controversy that permeated American life in the years leading up to the Civil War. (Meets Course Learning Objectives: 1, 8, 15, and 16)

Required Readings

  • Pro-Slavery
  • George Fitzhugh Advocates Slavery
  • Diseases and Peculiarities of the Negro Race
  • James Henry Hammond Advocates Slavery


  • David Walker’s Appeal
  • Frederick Douglass, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” (read through page 11)
  • The American Antislavery Society: Declaration of Sentiments

Focus Questions
Consider these questions as you read through the above sources (ALL of these questions should be addressed in your essay):

Proslavery authors
1. How do these authors justify slavery?
2. What place do slaves have in society?
3. What stereotypes of African Americans are found in these proslavery documents?

Abolitionist authors
1. Why does slavery need to be abolished? 
2. What specific criticism do they have about American society?
3. How do these authors view African Americans (in contrast to the stereotypes offered by proslavery authors)? What is their place in society?

Your essay should be a minimum of 2 pages, and you should spend AT LEAST one page discussing each position (one page discussing the proslavery perspective and one page discussing the abolitionist perspective). Your answer should reflect the main points from each reading, and ALL readings should be addressed in your essay.  Use examples from the readings to illustrate your main points. 

Be sure to proof your essay before submitting it as errors in grammar and spelling will lead to a deduction in points. Use quotations when using the exact wording from the reading and cite the reading at the end of the sentence [ex: if you quoted from the Walker reading, simply put (Walker) at the end of the reading – this lets me know which reading the quote is taken from]. As per the instructions in the syllabus, most of the essay should be in your own words and include your own analysis of the readings. 

Use only the above sources for this assignment: DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. If you do, you will receive a “0” for the assignment.

Your essay should be uploaded as Word document. 

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