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1.•Although an essay may have correct spelling and punctuation, it can cause confusion if the statements are unclear due to wordiness, clichés, non-parallel structure, etc. Locate two examples of unclear writing from the Web. Include the examples and URL. Explain the problems with clarity that the examples demonstrate.• Explain the benefits of having others review your writing and provide feedback to you before submitting your paper to the professor (or other evaluator). 2. Please respond to the following:•From the e-Activity, review one of the following: (A) blog, (B) wiki, or (C) Web publishing site, and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of publishing in the way you selected. Provide the name and URL of your selection. Be prepared to discuss.

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In an article “Over the Fence” by Dennis Siluk the authori discusses the rape of a girl, her sister, and her mother by a Union solider (http://ezinearticles.com/?Over-the-Fence&id=7054758). Some of the statements in the article are unclear and the story is confusing in the way it is being told. The author makes vague statements and many sentences and phrases are too wordy. In the article “