ENG 495 Select one poem, one fictional short story, and one play (Graded A+) - use as a guide only - 35837

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Select one poem, one fictional short story, and one play from your textbook that are thematically linked. These works may be about the same topic—such as childhood, romantic love, or conflict in the family—or, they may link more abstractly, such as all featuring isolated first-person narrators.

Word Count: 700- to 1,050-word paper:

·         Explain how the selected writings relate to each other.

·         Explain which genre is best suited for the shared topic or characteristic.

You will be creating a variety of original writings throughout this course. Preview the upcoming creative writing assignments, and then choose a topic or concept to unify the poems, stories, and plays you will write for this class. Complete the following in your paper:

·         Explain how and why this topic or concept inspires creativity for you.

·         Explain which aspects of the topic or concept are most effectively explored in which specific genre and why.

·         Explain how you will use your selections from the text that link thematically as models for your own writings.

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