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Reflecting on Research

What new research concepts or techniques did you learn from your writing and research activities this week? Did you pick up any insights from chapters 4 and 5 of the textbook or glean something useful from your reading quiz, the Ashford Writing Center, or Ashford Library materials? Think about it: Maybe you had a compelling chat with a librarian about some useful websites or devised a new search strategy that was discussed in one of the forums.

In a few paragraphs, describe a little of what you have learned about research and resources to date. Be sure to discuss how you learned about these new concepts, techniques, or tools and be sure to provide the web addresses for and/or hyperlinks to any resources you deem to be of high quality and integrity. At a minimum, you should discuss at least one concept, one technique, and one tool. In each case, describe how you’ve applied or plan to apply the concept, technique, or tool.

Note: To include a hyperlink in your discussion post, select the hyperlink button from the text editor menu (the hyperlink button is the twelfth from the left and represented by a globe and chain link). Complete the pop-up form with the link text and the website address. Then, click the Add Link Button.

After posting your reflections, review and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Take this opportunity to learn and to teach. If you have learned from your classmates, be sure to let them know what you’ve learned and how you plan to implement the information.


Evaluating Information

As you work on your research paper, remember that you (and you alone) are responsible for ensuring the integrity of your work. This is why you must be vigilant about the sources you use to support your arguments. A questionable source can undermine your efforts significantly. Consider carefully what you do to assure that a source (a website, or article, or television program, etc.) is a suitable resource for an academic paper. In a few paragraphs, discuss the criteria you use to evaluate sources. Explain how you go about “weeding out” materials, and provide an example of at least one suitable source and one unsuitable source in the research you’ve conducted so far.

Revisit Chapter 5 of Writing College Research Papers and section 5.6: Evaluating Information and Evidence, in particular.

Upon completing your post, review and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. As you read about their criteria and review their examples, note any gaps that may exist in your evaluation processes. Is there something that you or your classmates haven’t yet considered? Are there strategies and resources you find particularly confusing or problematic?


Partial Draft

Create and submit a partial draft of your research paper. Please note that in addition to submitting your draft assignment in the usual way, you are also required to upload your draft to the Partial Drafts directory in Doc Sharing. You can find the Doc Sharing link in the top-level menu of your course (next to the Email link).

When you are ready to upload a copy of your partial draft assignment to Doc Sharing, please follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the Doc Sharing link.
  2. Click on the Partial Drafts link; you should see two links appear below the Partial Drafts header—an Upload Documents link and a Download Documents link.
  3. Click on the Upload Document link.
  4. Toggle the radio button so that Entire Class is selected.
  5. Then, click the Choose File button; this action will spawn a routing box that will allow you to select your partial draft document.
  6. Once you have done so, click the Upload Document button.

Your partial draft must contain at least five pages of content, featuring:

  1. A title page and a reference page (based upon your annotated bibliography).
  2. An introduction that features a thesis statement that is clearly articulated and appropriately argumentative and/or analytical. Ideally, the introduction should be a single, compelling paragraph.
  3. At least three pages of double-spaced text demonstrating at least one fully fleshed-out and research-supported argument. (Note: Your text should feature in-text citations that leverage at least two different sources cited in your reference page.)
  4. Carefully-written work with relatively few errors in grammar, mechanics, and style.
  5. Properly documented citations and formatting according to the APA style.


The purpose of the partial draft is to make sure you are making satisfactory progress on your research paper. If you find that you are struggling to complete the draft, make sure that you have read and reviewed this week’s required activities. Additionally, consider contacting your instructor or teaching assistant for additional one-on-one guidance.

Word Range: 750-900 words

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