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To participate in the following discussions, go to this week's Discussion link in the left navigation.

  1. Thesis Critique

Before you begin writing a research paper in earnest, you should always give your thesis—your paper’s central argument—a careful review. Please cut and paste the thesis statement you plan to use in your research paper into your initial post.

Just below the statement, provide a short critique of your thesis using the Thesis Checklist (located in the Ancillary Materials directory of Doc Sharing) to guide your evaluation. In a few paragraphs, explain how your thesis meets (and/or does not meet) the requirements on the checklist. For any deficits you identify, please describe how you plan to remedy them. Feel free to offer possible revisions of your thesis!

When you have completed your post, review and critique the thesis statements of at least two of your classmates. Be sure to select classmates who have received the least amount of feedback in the forum, and be sure that your critique is independent of—yet responsive to—the self-critiques of your peers. Challenge yourself by responding to at least one thesis that is unrelated to your own topic. Remember to be courteous and constructive; the goal of this exercise is to help your peers improve upon their work—and to benefit from them in kind. Use your checklist-driven thesis self-critique as a model for the peer critiques. Respond to your classmates’ posts by Day 7.

Word Range: 200-300 (initial post); 125-200 (each response)
Estimated Time on Task: 1-3 hours (all posts)

  1. Outlining and Planning

One of the assignments due this week is a full-sentence outline formatted in APA style (see pages 2-3 of the Ashford Outline Sample). The full-sentence outline is similar to the standard outline in its organizing principles, but the topics and subtopics are expressed in complete sentences rather than in a few words or phrases. The practice of outlining is not only a technique to improve upon the quality and clarity of your writing, but it is also designed to create efficiencies in your writing—so that you can plan what you’re going to write when it’s optimal for you to do so.

Before you can write this discussion post, you must find, download, and complete the Research Paper Project Planner, which is located in the Ancillary Materials directory of Doc Sharing. You can find the Doc Sharing link in the top-level menu of your course (next to the Email link).

Use the Research Paper Project Planner to think about how you will use the next three weeks to research and write your paper. Once you have completed the bulk of your planning, cut and paste a copy of your plan (a table within the Research Paper Planner) into the discussion forum.

Just above the table, write a brief introduction to your plan that explains your general approach to the paper and clarifies any of your writing and research activities.

Upon completion of your post, review and respond to the posts of at least two of your classmates. Your role as a Project Plan reviewer is to determine whether or not your classmates have developed a cohesive and realistic plan. Is the time allotted for research and writing realistic? Are the activities described with sufficient specificity? Are there any obvious or implied roadblocks to completing the project in the projected time frame? Respond to your classmates’ posts by Day 7.

Word Range: 200-300 (initial post); 125-200 (each response)
Estimated Time on Task: 1-3 hours (all posts)



To complete the following assignments, go to this week's Assignment link in the left navigation.

  1. Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography compels preliminary research. The document should constitute a list of resources that will support your research paper. Each of the resources should be cited in the APA format and should include a brief paragraph-length summary and evaluation of the resource contents. To fulfill the research component of this assignment, you should:

    1. Conduct at least two searches using any of the databases in the Ashford Library (revisit Database Tutorials).
    2. Locate at least five sources that will help you support the topics and arguments you plan to present in your research paper.
    3. Make certain the sources you select are appropriate for an academic research paper (revisit Section 5.6 Evaluating Information and Evidence in Writing College Research Papers and the Evaluating Internet Sources tutorial in the Ashford Online Library).
    4. Take care to arrange your resources in alphabetical order by authors’ last names and format the citations in APA style (revisit: Sample Annotated Bibliography).

Word Range: 500-700 words
Estimated Time on Task: 3-5 hours

Submission Information: Complete the tasks above as MS Word or compatible DOC or DOCX files and submit them via the corresponding assignment links. Please use a naming convention for your assignment files that includes your last name, the week number, and the assignment number. So, your Annotated Bibliography assignment should bear a file name that looks like this: smith_w2_a1.doc.

Note: Your instructor or teaching assistant will return these submissions to you with helpful feedback. You will have the opportunity to revise the contents of the assignment upon submission of the research paper in Week Five. After you complete the planning and research segment of your research paper assignment, you may make modifications to the content of the paper. However, you may not make changes to the paper topic without the prior approval of your instructor. Therefore, make sure you have conducted sufficient preliminary research on your topic to ensure that materials are available!

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

  1. Paper Outline

Draft a formal outline for the research paper you intend to write. Please complete most of your preliminary research on your topic before you draft your outline. Develop a full-sentence outline in the APA style (see pages 2-3 of the Ashford Outline Sample). Be sure to leverage any useful feedback you received on your Research Paper Project Plan (in Discussion 2). You may also find the Writing Center’s Thesis Generator and Preliminary Outline Form helpful in the completion of this assignment.            


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