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APA format

I need only a 1400 words paper written, with your own sources on the following 

Also this is the website from where the info in the question is taken


Where has all the literacy gone?

Every decade the US Department of Education does a humongous survey called the National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL). The results of the most recent survey came out December, 2005, and what it says, in less colorful language than this, is that the barbarians are at the gate and the Apocalypse is not far behind them. Here is a link so you can see and be shocked all on your own.

  • Click here to read the summary of the NAAL (see especially pages 2-3, and 15)
  • Page 2 ("Defining Literacy")
  • Page 3 ("Overview of the Literacy Levels")
  • Page 15 ("Literacy Level by Education Attainment")

    Writing Prompt:

Proficiency (as defined by the US Department of Education) in English literacy among 4-year college graduates — that's right, holders of BA/BS degrees —  dropped in ten years from 40% to 31%. Holders of two-year AA\AS degrees has slipped from 23% to 19%. Egad! The rates of literacy were bad enough fifteen years ago; now they've gotten significantly worse! Why? And perhaps more importantly, what does this mean to American society and culture, now and in the future? What does it say about the ability of students such as those now at Mesa College, being able to take a place soon at the "knowledge worker" table that is the earnings center of today's and tomorrow's "Information Economy"?

Write a 5-7 research essay in which you analyze the situation as described by the latest NAAL. Develop your thesis based on your research of the subject, then prove your thesis.

Explain your reasoning. Develop your paper wisely and argue your points well. Stay focused and express yourself in a well thought out, coherent, focused way.

Format: Strict MLA. Formal Works Cited page (not included in the page/word count).

Grammar and spelling count — big time! Proofread! Out loud!

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