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Write an essay (suggested length of 1–2 pages) in which you:


A.  Identify at least four appropriate strategies a teacher could use to encourage student curiosity in mathematics.


B.  Explain the purpose of each strategy.


C.  Explain how a teacher could apply each strategy in the classroom.


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Encouraging Curiosity towards Mathematics


Math is very intimidating for many students and sometimes this intimidation causes students to be reluctant in asking for help when then do not understand new concepts in math.  Teachers face the challenge of making students feel comfortable and presenting math positively when so many students fear the subject.  Encouraging curiosity towards math will play a vital role in the student developing an interest in math.  When students become interested in math they will want to spend more time learning about it.  Once the students realize that math is not impossible, they will increase their confidence and performance in the subject and other areas in class. 

             For teachers that have a classroom that includes multicultural students and students with exceptionalities a variety of instructional techniques will be required to reach all student learning abilities. There are several strategies that a teacher can incorporate into th