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EN101 Week 6 Assignment

Grantham University



Should Cell Phones be allowed in Schools?

‘It’s so hard to compete with a funny YouTube Video’, sighs Miriam Morgenstern, a history teacher at Lowell High school for the last 20 years (Matchan, 2015).  The debate of whether cell phones are teaching tools or distraction to Miriam has a direct answer, it’s a distraction. The tweeting, snap chatting and texting during class time is just a big distraction to learning and teaching. However. A cell phone also has its usage in education – downloading of educational apps besides other academic materials. Therefore in this digital age, teacher and administrators are faced by this complex issue of what to do with students smartphones. The debate has no unanimous answer from educators apart from cellphones are not going away from the classroom. Cell phones in the classrooms will always initiate distraction especially when lessons are in progress.  Cellphone usage in classroom is distracting and makes it difficult to teach.

Most students will dedicate most of their time in watching videos and playing games rather than concentrating on their academic chores, and hence poor academic performance will prevail. The utilization of cell phones in the schools (both public and private) further results in cheating. The students will utilize their cell phones to convey answers to