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Write an essay (suggested length of 2–4 pages) in which you discuss each of the following in the context of language arts development in elementary-aged children:

1.  Reading

2.  Writing

3.  Speaking

4.  Listening

5.  Viewing

6.  Visually representing

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Emergent Literacy


Learning to read and write is a critical skill that will dictate a student success in school.  Reading and writing is an early predictor of functionality in school and in life.  Reading and writing develop together and it is important that a teacher understands the relationship between the developing reading and the written products.


In the first years of elementary school the number of words a student can read and spell increases dramatically.  Students can increase development of this skill by practicing at school and home.  The development of language increases as the student listens and talks with adults.  Students will begin to decode the written language as they sound out words, identifies them and understands their meanings.  Students will develop the tools for reading the written word starting in elementary school.  Students will start to recognize “sight words” and will develop strategies for figuring out words as they read them.  Once they have sufficient practice they will be able to read easy books by themselves.  Continued talking and listening will aid in new vocabulary and knowledge development that will help in understanding reading.  Phonics becomes an essential part of teaching language arts.  The