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Emergency Management vs. Police and Fire


Police and Fire disciplines are singular departments which each concentrate on its own agenda.  For instance, the Fire Department of a city or other entity is concerned with fire prevention, sometimes emergency medical help, and of course, fighting fires.  The fire prevention may include such things as education for adult groups and also teaching children about fire safety.  The medical help is often the addition of ambulance service along with the fire departments’ fire personnel and vehicles.  Often one of more of the fire department personnel are Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics trained to respond to medical emergencies.  Of course fighting ongoing fires is perhaps the most important and is certainly the most immediate duty of the fire departments.  They respond to residential and commercial fires.

The police also have a particular job of law enforcement.  They participate in crime prevention, in some ways like the fire department by educating people and children.  But, also crime prevention is done by patrolling and enforcing laws which prevent crime, like curfews and other laws.  They also assist in safety at fires and emergencies, and of course apprehend crime offenders and maintain the municipal j