ELL 420 week 4 DQ 2 Graphic organizers, K-L-W - 61793

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Graphic organizers are an excellent teaching

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Graphic organizers are an excellent teaching tool for all students. They provide a clear and systematic approach to learning a concept which is especially important for the ELL students.  Making connections through a visual organizer helps students to build upon their schemata. Presenting new knowledge in an organized way that builds on a previous experience, establishes a relationship allowing a higher rate of learning among not only ELLs but all students (Crandall, Jaramillo, Olsen, & Peyton, 2002). So,  graphic organizers give learners more contextual clues by making these real world connections.




They are also helpful for writing short paragraphs - First I would have a graphic organizer and the students brainstorm different wo