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Reflect back on any or all of the standardized tests you have taken in your lifetime and discuss the experience. Do you recall being stressed about the test? Were the tests easy or difficult for you? Did you understand the purpose? Did you ever receive and understand the results? Were the results a valid indicator of what you were capable of? Did the testing make a difference in the instruction you received? How do you feel about standardized testing? Can you recall the school or teacher attitude about tests that were administered? Do you think their attitudes contributed to your motivation to do well? What, if anything, would you change about the mandatory standardized tests in the United States?

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When I left the -__________ after ten years of living there, I moved back to the USA and started high school.  During my high school experience, I was usually stressed out because I always felt that I never understood anything especially when I was taking an exam.


Were the tests easy or difficult for you?

I was always able to pull my own eight, however, I ALWAYS failed my math regents exams. At one point in time, my grade was a 59 and even though I still failed by one point, was very proud of myself.


 Did you understand the purpose? Did