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instruction and student achievement. It is up to the classroom teacher to provide English Language Learning students with fair and appropriate assessments.
In a 3-4 page paper (excluding title and reference pages):

  • Identify at least one assessment of each type and evaluate them for fairness.
    • For example, a norm-referenced test is one kind of formal assessment.
  • Determine when or if they would be an appropriate assessment.
  • Explain why they would or would not be an appropriate assessment.
  • Discuss how the results could be used to guide instruction.
  • Identify any possible bias contained in the assessments.

Conclude by discussing the approach to assessment you will take in your own classroom to provide ELL students with meaningful, relevant, and developmentally appropriate instruction. Include at least two additional scholarly resources in addition to your text to support your chosen approach. You paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center and include title and reference pages.

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Identify at lea...