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Language Learning in a Global Context

Language Learning in a Global Context

A degree in English Language Studies must include an understanding of the difficulties faced by English language learners (ELLs) as well as those challenges that are created by the influences of culture, diversity, and global issues that affect second language learning.  The Final Paper will demonstrate your ability to:

  1. Research and apply information about a global issue.
  2. Apply knowledge of language learning to a global issue.
  3. Develop methods and strategies that address conflicting ideas surrounding language learning.
  4. Be globally responsive.

Using the information and tools covered in this course, you will develop a comprehensive plan that addresses the concerns of current and future students who have experienced global challenges firsthand.   Your plan will address the need for students to maintain their cultural identity and “mother tongue” while learning a second language.  It will also include lesson ideas that bring human issues to the forefront in a culturally responsive manner.

    • In Week Two, you will select and begin your research about a global issue.
    • In Week Three, you will use the location impacted by your selected issue and determined which “mother tongue” is spoken there.
    • In Weeks Four and Five, you will complete your research on your selected global issue, predict and prepare for the needs of students who may be in your classrooms, and develop lesson ideas that will increase students' second language literacy while maintaining their cultural identity and mother tongue.  The lessons should also address your selected global issue.

Your Final Paper must include the following:

  1. A clearly identified global issue as well as a selected location and population that are affected by the issue.
  2. A comprehensive analysis of research surrounding the selected global issue with an explanation of how situational, operational, and outcome factors could determine the success or failure of educational programs.
  3. A prediction of the challenges a student who is impacted by the global issue would face if enrolled in your current or future classrooms.
  4. A plan for how students will maintain their cultural identity and mother tongue while learning a second language.
  5. A minimum of five lesson ideas that will bring human issues to the forefront in a culturally responsive manner.
  6. Lesson ideas should include a description of the lesson, the purpose, and methods or strategies you will implement.   No specific step-by-step instructions are necessary
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