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Lists can be helpful, and a number of educators have come up with their own top ten lists of ideas and strategies to use in order to be successful in the classroom.  For this discussion, come up with your own top ten list, encompassing the following ideas:

  1. Awareness of current global issues.
  2. Conflicting ideas surround language learning.
  3. Applying knowledge of language learning to global issues.

Your list should contain a total of 10 ideas/strategies.  Please write in complete sentences and include your rationale for each idea/strategy.

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.       When I walk into a classroom, I sit in front of my students and go over the classroom rules.  I make sure that both the teacher and the students contribute to making the rules culturally appropriate.   If a student wants to break a rule I can always remind that student about the rule they created.

2.       The next thing I would do is have students work in groups. Cooperative learning can benefit the entire classroom because through “social interaction” it encourages “higher mental functions such as reasoning, comprehension, and critical thinking” that “originate in social interactions and are then internalized by individuals” (Woolfolk, 2001, p. 341). It is important that all students participate in a co