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Global awareness has become a twenty-first century theme that requires educators to have knowledge of other world regions, cultures, and global/international issues.  Take the Citizens of Tomorrow, Today quiz on global competence and see how you score.  Were you surprised by the results?  Did you expect to do better or worse than your score indicated?  What can you do to increase your global awareness?  How could you use a quiz like this to evaluate your understanding of ELLs who have been impacted by global issues?  

Journal options:

  1. Create a written reflection journal.
  2. Create a Jing reflection using a screencast.
  3. Create a reflection with your own avatar using Voki.
  4. Create a video reflection using Eyejot.
  5. Have some peers, family, or friends take the same quiz.  Discuss the questions above with them, and write a reflection based on your conversation
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In regards to the test results I thought I would have scored higher, however, the test was insightful, and I had to really think about the questions. I thought for sure most of the answers would be correct, however, I made 25 errors, total score being 35. I believe to increase my global awareness I should read more, never the less, many of the questions I missed were trivia facts, such as “what country does this flag belong to.” Learning styles are important for teachers to understand based on a test like this I could evaluate myself with regards to understanding other cultures when teaching ELLs in order to communicate the lesson effectively or to understand why or why not a student is not adjusting to the a l