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The use of social media has created an increased audience for global issues in language education.   View the website, Global Issues in Language Education, and explore how the Japan Association for Language Teaching is using social media to further its cause.  Scroll though the events and issues listed on the website, and describe those that you found most intriguing and applicable to your selected issue.  Identify a historical or current event that utilized social media to initiate political or social change.  Then, explain why using social media was effective or ineffective.  How could you incorporate social media in the classroom to address the concerns of current or future students who have experienced global challenges firsthand?

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Wherever individuals turn, there are all sorts of technological savvy people and gadgets; environments that are cognitively and linguistically stimulating will cause children to engage in the lessons deeply rather than superficially (Schickendanz., 1997). “The Internet is the fastest growing medium in history.  There is abundant information on virtually any topic” (Wolfe, 1998, pg. 1). 

Technology and media allow children to encounter vocabulary that might not be really found or heard in an everyday conversation; they aid educato